Joseph Cheng helps Ariel Lin overcome fear on variety show

The actor encourages Ariel after she stumbles during a challenge


Taiwanese actor Joseph Cheng’s care for his good friend, Ariel Lin on the variety show Race The World has made headlines previously, with netizens showing their envy for the duo’s close friendship.

On the last episode of the show, Joseph and Ariel, who had been in different teams since the second episode, were sorted into the same team, delighting fans who had been following the duo ever since they had acted opposite each other in the drama It Started With A Kiss in 2005.

One of the challenges handed to the pair was to jump on four different boxes that were suspended in mid-air, and collect a flag before returning to their starting point. After doing the necessary warmups, Ariel, who is afraid of heights, attempted the challenge .

However, the actress missed her footing and stumbled due to her fear and small stature, shocking everyone present.

Sensing her unease, Joseph started to reassure and encourage Ariel. The actor even stroked Ariel’s head to ease her fear, murmuring, “Baby, don’t cry.”

Though Ariel re-attempted the challenge, she was too afraid to return to the starting point. Joseph then stepped up and completed the rest of the challenge for her, showing the strength of the couple’s friendship.

Photos: PBE Media

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