Kai Ko breaks his “no clubbing” promise?

The Taiwanese actor was spotted at a pub on Saturday night

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was spotted smoking and hanging out at a pub called “Wepublic” on Saturday night. The 23-year-old was heavily criticised after reports were published, as he had previously declared that he will stop clubbing after the drug case in August last year.

In response, Kai clarified via his manager that he was invited for a food-tasting session by his good friend, emphasising that he has kept his promise of not visiting clubs. Kai’s manager also added that the Tiny Times star is trying hard to cut down on smoking.

With a cigarette in his mouth, Kai was seen quietly playing with his phone until his rumoured girlfriend, singer-actress Tia Li arrived at the pub. The two sat next to each other and was engaged in hearty conversation, showing signs of their close relationship.

Sources revealed that Kai and Tia hit it off immediately after they met via a mutual friend last year. Despite Kai’s implication in the drug case, Tia remained by the actor’s side to support him.

At a recent event, Tia let on that she has been “observing someone” for nearly six months and that she is waiting for the person to make a confession. As the timing coincides with the period that she has known Kai, many believe that the Dream Girls member referred to the actor.

Although Kai did not admit to dating Tia, he described her as “one of his few good friends”. Similarly, the actress claimed that Kai is an important friend in her life.

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