Kai Ko makes first public appearance after scandal

The actor attended a charity event and is reported to not have been paid an appearance fee

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was reported to have scheduled his first appearance after his marijuana scandal at a charity event on Dec 21 for the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. The 23-year-old attended the event, held at retail store In the Playground, and took on the role of store manager for a day.

When facing the crowd of media at the event, he confessed, “It’s been a while since I held a microphone, so I’m a little nervous.” When asked if this signifies his return to showbiz, he shared, “This is for a charitable cause; I haven’t considered whether or not to make my (showbiz) comeback”.

In response to queries about his speech at Fu Jen Catholic University on Dec 24, Kai expressed, “I’ll be talking about what happened in the past 23 years and I’ll focus on the past three years and the recent three months as well. It’s more of a sharing session than a speech.”

Taiwanese author and close friend Giddens Ko was reported to have teased Kai’s speech as “pretty terrible” after hearing him practice, but the actor took it in his stride and quipped, “It’s bound to be terrible (because) I’m not really good at talking but I’ll do my best to not waste the hour that I’m given.”

Kai added that he relies on rehearsing in his mind, revealing that Giddens suggested that he add in more humour to his speech – a piece of advice he might find hard to take, as the actor sheepishly admitted that he subconsciously becomes more serious as he speaks.

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