Kai Ko shows that he has matured

The 23-year-old actor, who was in a drug scandal last year, proves that he has changed for the better

Kai Ko shows that he has matured
Taiwanese actor and singer Kai Ko recently proved that he has changed for the better after being involved with a drug scandal last year.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the 23-year-old not only paid for his own rehabilitation treatment, but also worked hard to regain his reputation by volunteering and making appearances at several charity events.

On Wednesday night (Feb 25), Kai also received praises for showcasing good attitude towards netizens online.

The actor had updated his Facebook with a photo where he looked at a distance innocently while seated on the floor with a huge rose made of bath towels in front of his face. In his photo caption, Kai wrote, “Waiting for the flower to bloom.”

While it may have seemed like an ordinary post on social media, a netizen left Kai a malicious comment saying, “Are you high on drugs again?” Several of Kai’s fans were enraged by the unreasonable comment and even spoke up for the actor.

However, Kai was not angered by the netizen’s words but replied thoughtfully, “Netizens who love to criticise others do not exist. They are only expressing what they dislike about people and thanks to them that we can remember our mistakes better.”

Kai also attached two smiley faces at the end of his reply, shocking netizens with his positive attitude and receiving praises from them for being more mature.

As his feet looked big from the angle the photo was taken at, Kai also commented jokingly, “I’m tall because I have huge feet! But I think my feet look 200 centimetres long (in this photo)!”

When asked by a netizen on the hat he was wearing, the actor also gave a friendly reply, “The hat belongs to my brother, you can ask him [where he bought it from] on his Instragram! Ha ha ha!”

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