Karen Mok to take a three-month break

The singer will take a three-month hiatus from showbiz to go on a vacation with her husband

Karen Mok to take a three-month break

Hong Kong actress-singer Karen Mok has announced at her post-concert party last Saturday (Sept 27) that she will be taking a three-month break to go on a vacation with her German husband Johannes Natterer.

The couple, who wedded in 2011, have been spending little time together due to work commitments. This time, they forced each other to take a break and will travel to 10 countries in detail, instead of a hurried trip “around the world in 80 days”.

The 44-year-old, who will not control her diet on the trip, said, “My husband likes mountain-climbing and outdoor activities and I’m ready to do so with him.”

However, babies “are not on the cards” for Karen as she feels that a child may hinder the quality time between a couple.

Responding to her revealing outfit at the concert, she laughed and shared that Johannes does not mind. “He will select sexy lingerie for me but I won’t wear it for him, I wear it on stage for everyone to see.”

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