Ken Chu to register marriage with girlfriend in 2016

Actor will choose an auspicious date to wed his girlfriend after their marriage registration application is approved


Photos: PBE Media

Ken Chu and Han Wenwen, who were photographed in June last year shopping are revealed to have registered their marriage in Shenyang.

The pair were also spotted in Bangkok airport and are believed to be on their honeymoon, with eyewitnesses saying that the couple, who were decked out in tracksuits and backpacks, were chatting and laughing. Wenwen, 20, was even spotted giving a tired-looking Ken, 37, a neck massage.

Ken had once uploaded a picture of the couple’s shadows, writing, “If I could get a wish granted by selling my soul to a demon, I would wish for you to be ... happy.”
In November last year, he also posted a picture of the couple together with a kid as well as a picture of the couple’s clasped hands, prompting netizens to comment, “Are you thinking of getting married?”

When asked to comment on the Bangkok trip, their managers only said that it was just a holiday and that Wenwen was not pregnant.

Clarifying on speculations about their marriage registration through his manager, Ken said, “We only submitted the application to register our marriage. We still need to go back to Taiwan to go through the process of [registering] it.

“An auspicious date will also be chosen within the year to officially register the marriage.”


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