Kevin Cheng denies dating Myolie Wu 

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were spotted interacting closely at the latter’s birthday party

Hong Kong actors Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu might be dating in secrete, as the two were seen interacting closely at Myolie's birthday party last week. 

At an event on Tuesday, Kevin refuted the reports and said: “I’m concerned about how guys might not dare to woo Myolie because they thought that she is attached! She does not have a boyfriend; interested parties may feel free to pursue her.”

When asked on the chances of them getting together, Kevin claimed that they have known each other for too long for romantic sparks to fly. “We wouldn’t wait until now, if we wanted to date. We are just close colleagues,” he reiterated.

Myolie, who was also present at the event, dismissed the rumours with a laugh. “Many friends texted me when they saw the news. I immediately called Kevin too. The reports are obviously groundless,” the actress chortled.

At the same time, Kevin clarified on recent speculations regarding his health condition. “I feel as though I wouldn’t survive this year after reading the article. Thanks everyone for the concern. Apart from a light cough and fatigue, there are no big issues [with my body]. There’s no cause for worry,” he insisted.

As for the injuries sustained during filming, the 45-year-old explained that the spinal cord shift is not serious and that his condition has alleviated after visiting a physician for therapy. 

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