Landy Wen sent to the hospital after fainting on dancing show

The songstress injured her face when a camera knocked into her face and she was sent to the hospital after collapsing

Taiwanese singing and dancing diva Landy Wen injured her face while taking part in Dongfang TV’s dancing reality show Dancing Stars on Sunday night.

The 36-year-old was clad in a beautiful dancing dress and performed a jig dance act with her partner on the show that night. The cameraman had not been prepared for the quick and intense moves of that dance genre, hence causing Landy to hit into the camera just moments after they began to dance.

Though it was clearly seen on broadcast that Landy’s facial expression had changed after she was hit, she endured the pain and finished the dance professionally, when her partner carried her and placed her gracefully on the panel’s table as their ending pose.

The couple’s flawless performance of the challenging dance had received a perfect score from the panel. However, Show Lo, one of the panelists on the show, noticed that Landy had a long cut on her left cheek and her wound was bleeding profusely.

The crew came forward quickly to assist Landy with her injury and she insisted on staying on for the live recording of the show. When she knew of the score of her opposing group, she suddenly collapsed and had to be sent to the hospital for further treatment.

When the results of the contestants were announced and broadcast live at around 10:30p.m. that night, the host of the show also revealed that Landy had regained consciousness and was given stitches for her minor injury close to her brow bone. Her condition is currently stable and she had expressed her wishes to recover quickly to be back on the competition.

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