Lawrence Ng and wife to fight for daughter’s custody

The Hong Kong actor hopes his daughter can live with him in Hong Kong


After living apart for more than three years, Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng announced last week that he and his wife, Chinese actress Shi Yang Zi, are getting a divorce.

The two will reportedly be fighting for the custody of his six-year-old daughter Xi Er, who is currently living in Changchun, China with her maternal grandmother.

Much has been said about the couple’s conflicting opinions on raising Xi Er. Lawrence wants to bring her up in Hong Kong but Yang Zi has no intention of changing their living environment because their daughter is already used to it, having grown up in China.

The actor had shared previously, “I hope my daughter can enroll in primary school in Hong Kong latest by next September. She will not be lonely if she stays in my younger brother’s place as he has a daughter too and they can take care of each other.”

As the couple has differing views with regards to Xi Er’s accommodation, the 50-year-old actor will find time to reach a consensus with Yang Zi. “We have not really decided on where she will stay. She has been living with my mother-in-law so I will discuss the matter with them.”

Lawrence Ng’s marriage on the rocks

Lawrence Ng and wife to fight for daughter’s custody

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