Lawrence Ng drowns his sorrows in gambling

The Hong Kong actor was seen gambling at different spots on three consecutive days

Lawrence Ng drowns his sorrows in gambling
After his divorce with Chinese actress Shi Yang Zi last October, actor Lawrence Ng returned to Hong Kong for work and regained high popularity. However, the 50-year-old reportedly suffered low morale due to his second failed marriage and was recently spotted gambling at different locations on three consecutive days.

Lawrence was seen at the casino in Wynn Macau Hotel earlier this year. After winning a huge amount of money, the actor changed to a table that accepted bigger bets. However, he soon ran out of luck and lost all the chips that he had accumulated. Frustrated by his loss, Lawrence even threw his cards in anger.

When other gamblers snapped pictures of him, Lawrence was not bothered by their actions and continued gambling until 4am in the morning.

Lawrence Ng drowns his sorrows in gambling
On the following day, Lawrence went back to Hong Kong and headed straight to a seafood restaurant, where he played mahjong in a function room. The actor left the place at midnight and attended an event on the next day, before making his way to another mahjong room.

Sources revealed that Lawrence was born in a family of gamblers, and that the actor and his elder brother started gambling at a young age.

According to media reports, Lawrence and Yang Zi will be fighting for the custody of their six-year-old daughter Xi Er, who has yet to adapt to living in Hong Kong as she previously resided with her maternal grandmother in Changchun, China. With his gambling habits making headlines these days, Lawrence is expected to face a tough battle ahead.

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