Leehom angered by organisers’ move to rip off his fans

The organiser of Leehom’s free autograph session charged fans exorbitant prices to catch a glimpse of him

Leehom angered by organisers’ move to rip off his fans

Taiwanese singer Leehom was upset that the organiser of his autograph session and illegal touts have capitalised on his die-hard fans’ desire to see him last Saturday (Mar 28).

The 38-year-old had intended to hold a free autograph session in Nanjing to express his gratitude for his fans’ support for his latest album. Fans could attend the event to obtain a signature for free as long as they brought along their copy of his album.

However, Leehom was enraged to learn that illegal touts have taken advantage of his fans by selling his album for the price of RMB$600 (approximately S$132), sevenfold of the original price of RMB$88 (approximately S$19), on the day of the event.

The organiser of Leehom’s autograph session had also reportedly gained revenue of RMB$80,000 (approximately S$17,000) by luring his fans to spend at the mall with a ‘promotional activity’. Fans were said to be able to obtain a VIP pass to the event by collating a total of RMB$8000 (approximately S$1764) in a receipt.

On Sunday (Mar 29), the 38-year-old also took to his Weibo to express his disappointment. He wrote regretfully, “I would always hold an autograph session whenever I release a new album as I anticipate being able to interact closely with my fans. It has always been a time for us to share our love for each other and reminisce the times we have shared. I did not expect things to turn out this way today.”

Moreover, Leehom also had a throat infection on the day of his autograph session and was instructed by his doctor to refrain from singing. However, fans continued to show him support as they joined him in a big singalong session to his latest hit single Your Love.

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