Leo Ku holds wedding banquet with girlfriend of 20 years

Actor makes arrangements for wedding all on his own

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Hong Kong singer and actor Leo Ku, 43, married his assistant and girlfriend of two decades, Lorraine Chan, 46, yesterday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, and Leo was responsible for organising the entire wedding on his own.

The couple registered their marriage in Las Vegas on July 12 last year, and yesterday Leo presented his wife with a 7.12-carat ring, symbolising the date they registered their marriage.

Celeb groomsmen at the cocktail party-themed wedding included former Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang, Taiwanese actor–singer Alec Su and Hong Kong comedian Dayo Wong.

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Leo decorated the wedding venue with a mural that took him eight hours to paint, and there was also a street scene set-up featuring three storefronts that represented their shared memories, according to Leo.

The singer even prepared an original number and performed it for his wife and wedding guests. Entitled ‘You and I,’ the song had lyrics such as “a lifetime with you is not enough” and “we’ll love each other until our hair becomes as white as clouds.” Leo said he would record the song as a single and give out the CDs to his guests.

Explaining why he finally decided to marry Lorraine, Leo said, “Once we went cycling in Tai Po (in Hong Kong) with friends, and Lorraine wasn’t very steady. She fell, her head hit the ground and her helmet was cracked, and she was badly injured.”

“It was then that I felt I must treasure Lorraine, so I decided to get married.”

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