Li Ronghao accused to be a two-timer

The Chinese singer was reprimanded for behaving intimately with Rainie Yang shortly after he broke up with his former girlfriend

Li Ronghao accused to be a two-timer
A close female friend of Chinese singer Li Ronghao’s former girlfriend Lu Yao had chided him online for allegedly being a two-timer.

Lu Yao’s non-celebrity buddy Ms Zhang had blamed Ronghao for getting involved in a dating rumour with Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang just a month after he ended his four-year relationship with Chinese celebrity Lu Yao.

Ms Zhang intentionally posted on her Weibo a photo of the silhouettes of Ronghao and Lu Yao passionately kissing each other and raised her doubts on his love life as she wrote sarcastically, “Since Rainie and you are said to have dated secretly for a month, does it mean that the two of you have started dating the day after you broke up (with Lu Yao)?”

She also lashed out at Ronghao in a mocking tone: “Ronghao, how can you ever forget [the day] you ended your [last] relationship? Or do you not dare to say it? Based on what I know, the last time you revealed that you are single, it was less than a month after you broke up (with Lu Yao).”

With regards to reports from a Taiwanese magazine that claimed that Ronghao only took two months to win Rainie’s heart, Ms Zhang also commented sourly, “You must be really busy as you frequently alternated between Beijing and Taipei for her (Rainie) sake. It seems like you have done many things behind Leader’s (Lu Yao’s English nickname) back!”

Apart from hurling malicious remarks at Ronghao, Ms Zhang reprimanded Rainie for “sending love signals” to Ronghao despite knowing he was already attached.

However, Ms Zhang ended her post by revealing that Lu Yao is still unable to overcome her sadness from her failed relationship with Ronghao.

She also expressed her worry for the Chinese celebrity as she is currently uncontactable and her whereabouts remain unknown after she had broken up with Ronghao.

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