Li Ronghao denies dating Rainie Yang

The 30-year-old gives an ambiguous reply on whether he and Rainie would become a couple in future

Li Ronghao denies dating Rainie Yang
Chinese singer Li Ronghao has clarified that he and Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Rainie Yang are just friends, reported Taiwanese media.

The two singers were rumoured to be dating after Ronghao posted and quickly deleted their intimate selfie on Weibo earlier this month.

Their alleged relationship placed them under media and netizens’ attention, even causing Ronghao’s old marriage rumours to surface once again.

After much talk surrounding their ambiguous relationship, Ronghao finally spoke up against the rumours at the KKBox Music Awards yesterday night. When asked for the reason behind the intimate selfie between the two, he replied coolly, “This is how I normally take selfies with my crew and colleagues as well.”

However, the 30-year-old raspy-voice singer raised suspicion of sending love signals indirectly to Rainie by performing her famous hit Ambiguous on the awards show.

Apart from singing his famous hit King of Comedy, Ronghao specifically chose Rainie’s song out of the list of over 100 songs the organiser had provided him.

Though the song hints of an ambiguous relationship between a man and woman, Ronghao denied that he had an ulterior motive in performing it.

When asked on the chances of becoming a couple with Rainie in future, Ronghao gave an indefinite reply, “The future is not for me to tell now.”

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