Li Ronghao retorts criticisms and shields Rainie Yang

The Chinese singer clarifies about his love life and asks the public not to harass Rainie Yang

Li Ronghao retorts criticisms and shields Rainie Yang
Chinese singer Li Ronghao had retaliated against recent claims of him two-timing his former girlfriend Lu Yao and Taiwanese celebrity Rainie Yang yesterday in an interview with the media.

Earlier this week, Lu Yao’s female buddy Ms Zhang had accused Ronghao to be an ungrateful man, furiously blaming him for being involved in a dating rumour with Rainie Yang just a month after he had broken up with Lu Yao. She also revealed that Ronghao did not enjoy any fame and was penniless when he began his relationship with Lu Yao.

Despite advising Lu Yao against dating Ronghao, the Chinese celebrity reportedly loved him wholeheartedly and refused to be shaken by her friends’ comments. Yet, Ronghao had allegedly tried to win Rainie’s heart as he wanted to use her to rise to fame.

However, the 30-year-old sharply denied the accusations when he attended a music awards show last evening. He also spoke up for Rainie and tried to shield her when he commented, “There isn’t any two-timing nor is there a third party involved (in my previous relationship). Everyone, please refrain from harassing Rainie.”

On the other hand, Rainie’s management company also addressed the accusations. “Rainie is not a child. She is able to make her own judgements when it comes to her work, relationship and life matters. She also knows how to protect herself. Thank you everyone for your concern,” said a representative.

An undisclosed source, said to be Rainie’s close friend, also revealed that Rainie had knew Ronghao since last November and the two became closer this January. Rainie was said to be unaware of Ronghao’s past relationship and had only agreed to date him after confirming that he is single.

Rainie’s friend also added that it is not of the singer’s personality to be a third party in someone else’s relationship. 

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