Li Yapeng brings new lover on family trip?

An unnamed woman was seen joining Li Yapeng’s family trip to Thailand 

Chinese actor Li Yapeng brought his mother, daughter Li Yan and an unnamed woman on a trip to Thailand during the Chinese New Year period. Rumours are rife that the woman could be Yapeng’s new lover.

During the trip, Yapeng shared photos and revealed his whereabouts on WeChat, a popular messaging app. The 43-year-old also let on that they had travelled from Yunnan to Laos, before driving to Thailand.  

While having a meal together, Yapeng’s rumoured new girlfriend was seen playing with her phone while Li Yan appeared to be rather bored.

Following his ex-wife Faye Wong’s reconciliation with Nicholas Tse, Yapeng has been bestowed the title of “China’s good daddy” as he took on the responsibility of looking after their daughter.

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