Li Yapeng throws birthday celebration for Faye Wong’s daughter

It was a heart-warming gathering for the Chinese actor and his former stepdaughter Leah Dou

After their high-profile divorce last year, Chinese actor Li Yapeng and Chinese diva Faye Wong remained on good terms. Last weekend, Yapeng organised a birthday celebration for his former stepdaughter Leah Dou (Dou Jingtong), who turns 18 on Jan 3, at a reknowned steamboat restaurant in Beijing. His daughter with Faye, Li Yan, was also present at the gathering.

During the private party, Leah was seen interacting closely with Yapeng, even giving him a warm embrace at one point.

Later that night, Yapeng published a “friends only” post on his official website. He wrote: “At the very least, a noble dad is one who is acknowledged by his daughter. Even if the status between a father and a daughter has changed, what doesn’t [change] is the love between family members.”

The 43-year-old also posted some pictures taken during the gathering. In one photo, Leah wore a smile on her face while blowing out the candles on her cake, whereas another picture showed the father and daughter’s faces smeared with cream, an indication of the good time they had that day. 

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