Lin Feng-jiao hopes for Jaycee Chan to reside in Taiwan after prison release

Jaycee Chan’s mother gets busy with renovation of his Taipei home to welcome him back

Jaycee Chan could permanently relocate to Taiwan after ending his prison term in Beijing on Feb 14.

The 32-year-old had received a six-month jail term and was fined RMB$5000 (approximately S$423) after he was found to abuse and illegally possess marijuana at his Beijing home last August.

Taiwanese media recently found that Jaycee’s mother Lin Feng-jiao has been frequenting Jaycee’s NT$246 million (approximately S$10.4million) home in Taipei.

Witnesses claimed that she was busy with renovations of the house, seemingly preparing Jaycee’s return to Taiwan to start his life afresh.

The Taiwanese former actress rarely made public appearances since she gave up her acting career to become a full-time mother to raise Jaycee. She was said to be heartbroken and cried repeatedly when she learnt that her beloved son was caught up in a drug scandal.

Feng-jiao reportedly did not leave her house and broke off connections with her friends for a period of time. She only regained her cheery composure when Jaycee received his sentence last month.

As she resides in Taiwan with her family, she wishes for Jaycee to live in Taiwan too as they would be able to watch over him and he would not have to live under the media’s attention in Beijing and Hong Kong.

At a charity event yesterday, Jaycee’s father Jackie Chan talked about his son’s release for the first time since he was imprisoned.

While holding back his tears, Jackie said he wishes that Jaycee would turn over a new leaf and not live under his father’s shadow. Tears also welled up in his eyes when reporters told Jackie of Jaycee’s wish to see his father in the letter he wrote to Feng-jiao in prison.

However, Jackie emphasised that he would not personally welcome his son out of jail in Beijing as he would be busy with work then. The actor-director will be in Singapore from Feb 9 to 11 to promote his upcoming Chinese New Year movie, Dragon Blade, with lead actors Choi Siwon, Adrien Brody, John Cusack and more.

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