Lin Gengxin saves YoonA from falling off a horse

The Chinese actor and Girls’ Generation member are currently filming a Chinese period drama 

Lin Gengxin saves YoonA from falling off a horse
Girls’ Generation member YoonA recently made her solo venture into the Chinese market by taking up a lead role in Chinese period drama Zhao Zi Long, where she acts alongside Scarlet Heart star Lin Gengxin.

While filming a scene in Hengdian, China, YoonA was reportedly so frightened that she nearly lost her balance and fell off the horse which she was riding on.

Fortunately, Gengxin, who was sitting behind YoonA, caught the “damsel in distress” in time and prevented the singer from getting injured. According to media reports, YoonA burst into tears following the close shave.

The incident also caused many Girls’ Generation fans to voice their concern about the series of unfortunate events that hit their idols lately. At Seoul Music Awards last week, leader Taeyeon suffered a fall and was rushed to the hospital after she hurt her lower back muscles. Youngest member Seohyun was also believed to have sprained her ankle due to the onstage accident.

At the same time, netizens expressed their gratitude towards Gengxin for his “heroic act” of saving YoonA. 

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