Lynn Hung and Kim Jong Kook spotted holding hands

The two are reportedly seeing each other after being in the same team for variety show Running Man

熊黛林被爆爱死金钟国 十指紧扣逛超市

Chinese model Lynn Hung and Korean entertainer Kim Jong Kook were spotted holding hands last Saturday (Nov 15) at a supermarket and are said to be in a relationship.

Lynn, who broke up with singer Aaron Kwok last year after dating for seven years, had taken part in Korean variety show Running Man recently and was in the same team as Jong Kook and Chinese actress Liu Yuxin.

A netizen photographed them at a supermarket holding hands and wrote on Weibo: “Kim Jong Kook and Lynn Hung went to the supermarket where my sister is working.”

Yuxin had previously revealed “Lynn loves Jong Kook so much” when she refused to exchange partners with her. Jong Kook, who praised her looks and personality, also sweetly offered her his heat-pack as she was shivering in the cold weather.

While several netizens gave their blessings to the two, others saw microphones attached to them and guessed “it was for a programme”.

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