Makiyo’s mother passes away after battle with cancer, aged 64

The 32-year-old said she wishes to be her mother’s daughter again in her next life

Makiyo’s mother passes away after battle with cancer, aged 64
Mother of Taiwanese-based Japanese actress Makiyo passed away at the age of 64 this morning after her long battle with cancer.

Makiyo’s mother had lost the tough fight against her deteriorating condition at around 7:40a.m. this morning, at the National Taiwan University Hospital.

In 2011, Makiyo’s mother was first diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer, but her condition worsened later that year, when cancer cells began to spread to her brain.

Despite initially following her doctor’s recommendation to receive chemotherapy, Makiyo’s mother switched to medication after she experienced constant aches from her chemotherapy sessions. She also had to undergo an emergency operation when her condition took a turn for the worse. Late last year, her doctor also broke the news that she only had a month to live.

On Jan 6, Makiyo’s mother was admitted into the hospital again for pneumonia. According to Taiwanese media reports, she repeatedly slipped in and out of consciousness due to her weak constitution. She was hooked on a ventilator and could only make eye-contact with others as she was unable to speak.

Despite the grueling journey in her battle with cancer, Makiyo’s mother remained positive throughout the process.

Makiyo also broke down in tears yesterday when she learnt of her mother’s passing. She said to the media yesterday, while holding back her tears, “I hope that my mother is at a better place now. I would still wish to be her daughter in my next life.”

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