Mark Chao’s father misunderstood his intentions

The actor did not inform his father first-hand about his wedding as he did not want him to worry

赵又廷下月补办婚宴 父亲闻婚宴起无名火
赵又廷下月补办婚宴 父亲闻婚宴起无名火

After registering his marriage with Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan in Beijing this June, Taiwanese actor Mark Chao and his wife will be holding their wedding banquet in Taipei on the 28th next month.

However, his celebrity father Allen Chao seemed to have developed a misunderstanding towards his son who is planning the ceremony independently.

Allen was recording Taiwanese variety show Small Swallow on Tuesday when he was evidently overjoyed at the good news. But when asked if he will rush the 30-year-old for a grandson, he replied coldly, “That is his decision, I can’t interfere,” before telling the journalist to ask Mark that question.

The 64-year-old then probed the source of the news on Mark’s banquet and blamed the journalist for not letting him in on that.

赵又廷下月补办婚宴 父亲闻婚宴起无名火2

Although Mark’s manager did not respond to questions on whether the actor informed his father first-hand about the ceremony, Allen’s manager shared that Mark had wanted his father to turn up for the wedding without having to worry about the preparations.

It was then understood that the elder was mistaken about his son and his tone was harsher than usual due to his straightforward personality.

Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan display their love

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