Mayday’s Monster rumoured to have registered for marriage

The news of Monster having a flash marriage with his girlfriend broke out yesterday, but his management denied it, saying “there is no such thing”

Mayday’s Monster rumoured to have registered for marriage
A Facebook user called ‘XOXO Gossip Girl’ posted a status update yesterday, claiming that Taiwanese rock band Mayday’s leader Wen Shang-Yi (popularly regarded as Monster) and his girlfriend Lu Zhi Ying have already registered for marriage.

While Monster once admitted that a flash marriage is a possible route he might take, he also emphasised that the would not be secretive if it were to happen. When contacted to confirm rumours on his flash marriage, Mayday’s management clarified that “there is no such thing”.

Fans are now questioning the authenticity of the management’s reply as said user who leaked the news added that the source of this information came from Zhi Ying’s parent, calling it “highly reliable”.

It is reported that Zhi Ying used to be part of the technician crew for Mayday. They have been dating for more than two years now and they have mentioned before that they plan to get married this year, and the marriage is more likely to be a sudden one.

Until further confirmation, Monster and Ashin are the only unmarried members of the band. Members Stone and Ming (also known as Guan You) have gotten married over the years and have their own families now.

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