Mickey Huang shares a touching message on his reconciliation with Dee Hsu

The 42-year-old wishes to put aside his unpleasant memories and live a better life from now

Taiwanese host Mickey Huang shared a touching message on his Facebook wall after making the headlines recently for resolving a 15-year feud with his former girlfriend Dee Hsu on Dee’s talk show, Here Comes Kang Xi.

Mickey and Dee stopped contacting each other when he initiated a break-up with Dee while she was on a study trip in England in 2000. However, the two matured overtime and took the opportunity to break the ice on the show, bringing a high rating for the show Here Comes Kangxi and drawing praises from netizens for bringing a heart-warming start to the new year.

On the day that their reconciliation was planned to air, Mickey, who regularly left messages made up of 7-word sentences, also wrote a whopping 69-line reflection on repairing his friendship with Dee.

In his message, Mickey expressed that it is common for humans to make mistakes but he is grateful to be forgiven for his foolish ways in the days of his youth.

He also described the reconciliation as a turning point in his life and promised that he would learn to put aside his bad memories and better manage his life from now on. In an ambiguous paragraph that was speculated to be dedicated to Dee, Mickey wrote that he hopes that the other party and he could release their grudges, bury the hatchet and live amicably in the future.

Many netizens said they were moved by Mickey’s confession and left him many positive comments. Many praised and encouraged the 42-year-old entertainer for being frank about his feelings and bravely confronting his unpleasant past.

Others were also curious about how Mike, Dee’s husband, reacted to the reconciliation. However, Mike said that he was absorbed in reading a book and did not tune in to the episode.

Mike also denied when asked if he had avoided watching the reconciliation on purpose, emphasising that he did not have the habit of watching Dee’s talk show.

“The past is all behind us. I would not mind if the two become friends again,” he replied coolly.

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