Miriam Yeung unhappy that she lost to Kay Tse

The Hong Kong singer and actress showed a blackface for being defeated by her junior at a music awards ceremony

Miriam Yeung unhappy that she lost to Kay Tse

Hong Kong songstress Miriam Yeung made her unhappiness known after losing out on one of the two the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation awards to singer Kay Tse.

The singing diva, who will be celebrating her 20th year in the entertainment and music industry, is currently preparing for her concert’s promotional activities due to take place at the end of the month. She reportedly made plans to make the ceremony her only awards show for the entire year due to her busy schedule.

Miriam was understood to have personally asked for support for her nominations in the categories “Female Golden Award” and “My Favourite Female Singer” as she had a strong desire to emerge twice victorious.

She expressed her joy in both tears and laughter when she successfully clinched the “Female Golden Award” at the ceremony held on January 1st, declaring that she did not expect to receive it. She also emphasised that it meant a lot to her.

However, the events took a turn when Kay, who is also widely known in Hong Kong, was later awarded the title of “My Favourite Female Singer”.

When Kay received her award, Miriam appeared emotionless on screen and wore an unhappy expression at the celebratory party, much unlike her usual happy self. She is said to have left quickly shortly afterwards.

Upon knowing that Kay was not present at the ceremony, Miriam said during her interview, “Oh, so I guess it wasn’t necessary to attend the ceremony?”

When asked about her feelings for losing the award “My Favourite Female Singer” to Kay, Miriam replied, “Knowing that I am the best singer in my husband and my own eyes, I feel that I have already received this award.”

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