Moses Chan wants more children

The Hong Kong actor and father-of-two shares his method for coaxing his sons

Moses Chan wants more children
Hong Kong actor Moses Chan revealed at an event yesterday that he enjoys being a nanny for his children. It was also his first public appearance after his wife Aimee Chan had given birth to their second son Nathan Lucas Chan last Thursday.

How did their first son Aiden Joshua Chan’s react to the new member in the family?

“Our first son is very well-behaved. He also tries to touch his baby brother but as he is still very young, he may accidentally hit him at times. However, I think it is great that they can grow up together,” Moses replied frankly.

The happy father also recalled instances where he dressed up as comical characters like a clown, rolled on the floor and sang songs to coax his son. Hong Kong veteran actress Sandra Ng, who attended the event with him, also teased him for ‘turning from a prince into a clown’ for his children.

Sharing on the joys and woes of parenting, Moses joyfully commented, “Though it may be tiring when I need to carry our baby once every two to three hours, I have already built up my experience with our first child so it is easier this time.”

Speaking on his decision to resume work so quickly, Moses stated that he is currently clearing work commitments that were planned before Aimee gave birth. He would soon be going on a short hiatus and only resume work in May as he wishes to focus his time and effort on his wife and sons.

Aimee, on the other hand, has no plans to be a full-time mother as she loves acting and wishes to get back to work soon.

When asked if the couple are planning to have another child next year, Moses first avoided the question before finally admitting that they wish for more children in future.

“I hope we can have more children but I would not state a specific number. My target is to have as many children as I can count with my fingers,” Moses said.

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