Myolie Wu and boyfriend get a taste of being parents

The Hong Kong actress goes on a date with her boyfriend and nephew looking like a family

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu recently went on a date with her boyfriend and nephew to the zoo and was not shy to expose her whereabouts with them.

After admitting to her relationship with boyfriend Philip Lee last month, the 35-year-old is not afraid to display her affection for him publicly.

Yesterday, Myolie also shared a photo she has snapped of her boyfriend holding her nephew’s hand while they toured a zoo in Guangzhou, seemingly looking like a happy family of three.

Myolie also attached a photo caption that read, “I brought along Mr. P and my nephew to the Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park today. How would Coco (a chimpanzee) react when it sees us?”

Similarly, Hong Kong media also revealed that the couple is currently cohabiting to prepare themselves for marriage life.

They are said to have safely passed the 3-month ‘probation period’ of cohabiting and were seen grocery shopping like a sweet couple.

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