Myolie Wu’s heart skips a beat whenever she sees her boyfriend

The Hong Kong actress posted a selfie which she took with her boyfriend online for the first time 

Myolie Wu’s heart skips a beat whenever she sees her boyfriend
Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu and her boyfriend expressed their love for each other online yesterday in a series of mushy confessions.

Not only did the 35-year-old admit to her new romance recently after being seen kissing her boyfriend Philip Lee on the streets of Taipei, she also shared a selfie of the two of them for the first time yesterday.

Love was in the air for the couple who was seen smiling sweetly in the picture, with their heads in close contact.

Attached to the photo was a heartfelt message to express her gratitude towards Philip for all that he has done and sacrificed for his family and for her. She also appreciates his beliefs and principles, claiming that her heart would skip a beat whenever she looked into her eyes as he is caring and handsome.

Myolie is thankful towards her boyfriend for ‘appearing on earth’ so that she could find that special ‘him’ and she is glad that Philip has taught her how to be a better person. She also promised to respect, trust and love him whole-heartedly.

In reply to her sweet confession, Philip not only admitted that the two are happily dating, he also praised Myolie as a kind and caring partner who brings out the best in him.

He also clarified the recent rumour that he was dating three other girls behind Myolie’s back, stating that he was merely socialising with them. He also asked friends not to congratulate Myolie and him too early as he has not proposed to her yet.

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