Brigitte Lin was sad that Teresa Teng mistook her gestures

The actress shared about her friendship with Teresa Teng and how the latter had mistook her gestures

林青霞自揭遭秦祥林骗 难过被邓丽君误解1

Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin (Lin Ching Hsia), who turned 60 last week, gave a talk at the University of Hong Kong on Sunday (Nov 9) on her third and latest book Yun Qu Yun Lai.

To make herself at home, she specially brought along the chairs and tables from home and even shook hands with fans who attended.

During the session, Brigitte mentioned her friendship with Taiwanese songstress Teresa Teng and how she was upset when the latter mistook her gestures.

Her co-actor from movie Love of the White Snake (1978) Charlie Chin (Chin Hsiang Lin) had taken the initiative to woo her then, and they had agreed to meet in Paris when she was there for an event. She added, “I waited for a week before the boss of the production company told me to leave. When I returned to Taiwan, the papers wrote that he went to Paris with Teresa.”

That piece of news did not bother Brigitte since she did not accept Charlie’s courtship and because the other party “was Teresa”. But the actress-turned-author said, “After that, I met Teresa at a hotel and she was with a reporter. I wanted to shun the reporter so I walked away without greeting her, but she thought I was afraid and wanted to avoid her. I was really sad.”

On a lighter note, Brigitte explained the reason for the title of her book, which is closely related to clouds (meaning of ‘yun’ in English). “I love clouds and I’m fated with clouds [as I filmed several movies with the word ‘yun’ in it]. When I’m on the plane, I will think of clouds as friends and family members who passed on.”

In fact, she had consulted many others before naming her book, but that particular phrase in the prologue of her book penned by author Zhang Yihe caught her eye and she decided on that eventually.

Brigitte Lin celebrates 60th birthday today

林青霞自揭遭秦祥林骗 难过被邓丽君误解4

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