No more action films for Zhang Ziyi

The Chinese actress made the decision for her “future kids” 

No more action films for Zhang Ziyi

After her relationship with Chinese singer Wang Feng came to light, international movie star Zhang Ziyi previously declared that she hopes to get married soon as she is “not young anymore”.

During a recent interview, the actress shared that she has a strong sense of responsibility. In order not to disappoint everyone, she would completely devote herself into a role, so much so that every film has become a test of her physical limits.

In a surprise announcement, Ziyi also revealed that The Grandmaster will be her last action film.

“I’m turning 36 this year. I’m afraid of sustaining more injuries,” she admitted. “After all, I’m a woman who wants to have kids and set up a family in the future. I have to think a little more for myself!”

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