Pace Wu’s daughter cleared of flu virus

Pace Wu’s daughter was previously suspected to be down with the H2N3 flu virus 

Pace Wu’s daughter cleared of flu virus
Taiwanese celebrity Pace Wu and her billionaire fiancé Ji Xiaobo threw a luxurious birthday party for her one-year-old daughter Hillary at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong last weekend. The doting mum even baked a three-layered cake for the event.

However, some guests at the party reportedly passed the flu virus to Hillary, who was already suffering from running nose during the past few days. Fearing that her daughter has contracted the H2N3 virus, Pace quickly brought Hillary to the hospital for check-up.

In a Facebook post, the actress shared that though the whole family has previously gone for flu vaccination, her daughter failed to escape from the disease. Pace also ranted about the costly medical fees in Hong Kong. “Consultation fees alone costs HK$2500 (approximately S$105). Those who love to complain about the health policies in Taiwan, you guys are too discontented!” she wrote.

“Thankfully, Hillary was tested negative for all 18 virus types. We are indeed overly anxious parents. My daughter’s tears and our HK$2500 were wasted, but all’s good!” added Pace.

In response to her post, some netizens also insinuated that Xiaobo is too wealthy to be concerned about the cost of the medical fees. 

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