Patty Hou gives Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan parenting advice

The mother-of-one hopes the newlyweds would have a child of their own soon

Patty Hou gives Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan parenting advice
Taiwanese news anchor-turned-television host Patty Hou shared on her life as a mother-of-one at a recent outdoor event that she had hosted.

The 37-year-old, who had given birth to her baby boy last September, slowly resumed her career since January and was specially invited to host the press conference of football legend Michael Owen’s visit in Taipei on Tuesday (Mar 24).

Patty looked refreshed when she turned up at the event, dressed in a striking sleeveless two-piece suit with red-and-white checks. She also wore a dark-red tint on her lips and had her hair tucked neatly under a scarlet cap with a big bow.

Speaking of her chance to host the event, Patty revealed that she had felt jitters as she had not hosted a press conference for a long time. However, Patty shared that her husband continually encouraged her and even gave her a crash course on Michael’s background prior to the event as he has a passion for sports and is adept in his knowledge of football.

When asked to comment on recent rumours that Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan could be expecting their first child, Patty, who was Jay’s former girlfriend, graciously sent her blessings to the couple. “If (the rumour) is true, I really hope that she (Hannah) would give birth to a child soon as (she) is physically fit now.”

The mother-of-one also chirpily shared some of her parenting tips. “We need to maintain a good mood. When the mother is in a good mood, she would also be in a good physical condition and these are all beneficial to the child,” she said.

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