Photos of Annie Yi’s wedding leaked online

The Taiwanese singer expresses her gratitude and joy for her second marriage

Photos of Annie Yi’s wedding leaked online
Taiwanese actress Annie Yi successfully held her wedding ceremony with Chinese actor Qin Hao in Phuket last Saturday (Mar 21).

Though the newlyweds requested their guests to refrain from sharing photos of their wedding before Tuesday (Mar 24), as they reportedly wanted to edit their photos before revealing it to the public, photos of their wedding venue were leaked online prior to their matrimonial ceremony.

On Sunday (Mar 22), footages of the ceremonial process was also shared online, in which one photo showed Annie and Qin Hao being chauffeured on a white golf buggy into their wedding venue by the sea.

The 46-year-old bride, who was clad in an open-shoulder low-cut wedding gown, smiled vibrantly and waved to the camera while a bouquet of flowers rested on her dress. Her 36-year-old husband, on the other hand, gave a shy smile as he sat next to her.

Yesterday morning, Annie also revealed that she was touched by the speeches made by their parents at the wedding banquet.

“At our wedding banquet, my mother-in-law and father-in-law shared on stage that flashbacks of Qin Hao’s life from his childhood to adult life was all they were thinking about. When it was my mother’s turn to share, she quivered and said a ‘thank you’. As she is shy by nature, she was overcome with tears after a few sentences,” she recounted.

“I also teared when I thought of the pity that my father is no longer with us and the pain my mother had to go through to raise my siblings and me. On this day, I really came to know of the love and warmth of kinship,” she recalled.

Then, Annie also expressed her gratitude to her mother, sister, friends and crew members who have supported her decision for her second marriage with Qin Hao.

The 46-year-old also thanked Qin Hao’s family for accommodating her past marriage to her first husband Harlem Yu and their teenage son Harrison Yu. “I want to thank Qin Hao’s family even more for treating me like a part of your family. It is my blessing to be able to be filial towards you,” she wrote.

Lastly, she also addressed the public with gratitude. “Thank you to the media for your concern and thank you to everyone who has supported me. If not for all of you, I would not have the courage to believe that the world is still full of kindness after all the trials and tribulations I have gone through in my life.”

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