Rainie Yang implicitly admits relationship with Li Ronghao?

The 30-year-old claims she is very happy now when asked about her relationship status

Rainie Yang implicitly admits relationship with Li Ronghao?
Taiwanese singer and actress Rainie Yang is speculated to have implicit admitted to be in a relationship with Chinese singer Li Ronghao.

Dating rumours stirred between the two earlier this month when Ronghao accidentally uploaded but quickly deleted their intimate photo on his Facebook account.

Rainie Yang implicitly admits relationship with Li Ronghao?
Though Ronghao had denied those claims and Rainie had refused to comment on the issue on separate occasions, the public’s interest on their alleged relationship remains high.

Last Saturday (Feb 14), Rainie was said to have expressed her feelings about being in a relationship with Ronghao as she only chose to sing love songs at a corporate celebratory event she was invited to perform on.

When asked about her current relationship status after her performance, the 32-year-old replied ambiguously, “I am very happy now,” seemingly hinting that she may already be dating.

As Rainie is known to dislike being in an ambiguous relationship for an extended period of time, reporters also asked if she has passed the ‘ambiguous phase’. However, Rainie snapped in reply, “This (question) is too direct!”

With regards to their alleged relationship, the CEO of Ronghao’s music company indirectly admitted that the two have a close relationship as he said frankly, “They get along well and their current relationship remains unclear.”

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