Rainie Yang is a mummy’s girl

She moved out of her family home only to end up living 15 steps away from her mother

Rainie Yang is a mummy’s girl
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"I don't want to shortchange myself because of my inability to converse fluently in a language," said Rainie Yang as she let in on her plans to pick up the English language.

In fact, she's not just keen on learning conversational English and wants to be fluent enough to "bicker" in the language, shared the singer-actress who was put on the spot during a recent trip to England for a photoshoot when she was unable to communicate efficiently with the airport ground staff.

“It’s not easy when you’re in a foreign country of a language you are not fluent in, because it is hard to express or communicate your thoughts," the Mandopop star added, sharing that lessons will begin when she wraps up her promo tour in Singapore and returns to Taiwan.

The petite songstress also told xinmsn that she has met her teacher, who commented that she “sounds very scared when speaking English” and told her she’d first need to overcome her fear of speaking English incorrectly.

Clearly a little embarrassed about her weak grasp in the language, despite learning American English when she was little, Rainie declined greeting her fans in English with a laugh, exclaiming, “[I’m] absolutely not [doing that]!”

Upon turning 30 last year, the singer shifted out of her family home because she felt that it was something 30-year-olds should do. She also wanted a chance to design her own house and believed that moving out was the best way to achieve that.

Despite the independent woman image she has, Rainie is still a mummy’s girl and "quite reliant" on her mother, so much that she bought her mum a house in the same neighbourhood which is "15 footsteps" away from her new place. 

"I cannot get used to being independent," quipped Rainie, who also admitted to having a "big issue with cooking." 

“I always run over to my mother’s place to ask her to cook for me because I get hungry pretty easily,” said Rainie, with a laugh. Due to their houses’ close proximity, both mother and daughter would even hang out together in each other's place too.

And if all else fails, said Rainie, there’s always her emergency stash of instant noodles at home for times when she's too lazy to pop by the convenient store to get food.

Rainie Yang is a mummy’s girl
In Singapore to promote her latest album, A Tale of Two Rainie, the Taiwanese artiste refused to comment about her heavily-speculated relationship with fellow singer Li Ronghao and briefly spoke about her love life.

Calling her teenage self a people-pleaser who’d change herself to gain the approval of the boys she liked, Rainie hopes that teenage girls will learn from her past experience and “follow your heart instead of restricting yourself to a list of criteria.”

“What I look for in a partner changes as I mature, but my list of criteria are not as important to me as they used to be.” 

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