Rainie Yang refuses to talk about her love life

The 30-year-old refuses to clarify when asked if she is dating Chinese singer Li Ronghao

Rainie Yang refuses to talk about her love life
Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Rainie Yang evaded questions about her dating rumours with Chinese singer Li Ronghao yesterday (Feb 11).

At the grand opening of fashion brand H&M’s first store in Taiwan, the 30-year-old received great media attention for wearing a custom made low-cut evening dress. She also posed enthusiastically for photos and took the initiative to speak to the media.

Rainie cracked a joke about her dress being a little too sexy as her stylist commented seeing her mole on her chest.

Reporters played along and cheekily asked the 30-year-old if she had no qualms on being sexy because she is already attached. However, Rainie gave a nonchalant reply, “This has nothing to do with my dressing.”

When asked by reporters to share about her dating rumours, Rainie dropped her cheery expression slightly and said, “I cannot ‘share’.”

“This is a promotional event for a brand so I will not give a lot of answers to these questions. We can talk more when I attend my own promotional events next time,” she added, straying from her usual talkative self who candidly answers questions from the media.

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