Rainie Yang’s comeback single achieves stellar results

The lead single of her latest album is reportedly played the most number of times on radio in Taiwan

Rainie Yang

More than a year after her last album Angel Wings was released, Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang will launch her latest album A Tale of Two Rainie next Friday. On Sunday (Nov 30), she held an autograph session for the pre-order of her album in Ximending, Taiwan, where she was told the outstanding performance of the lead single ‘Some Water’.

The ballad, which premiered on radio stations early last month, was played the most number of times in Taiwan while Hong Kong singer Faye Wong’s song achieved the same results in China, according to a Chinese music chart.

Rainie, who was pleasantly surprised, did not expect the single to do so well and is encouraged by the fact that it is comparable to that of her idol’s hit. It is said that her album, which is in its second week of pre-order, has exceeded 36,800 orders.

In addition, the singer-actress attended the activity in a specially designed outfit where the cloths at her chest are two separate pieces. Rainie then unabashedly revealed she is not wearing a bra so as to bring out the beauty of the dress, since part of her shoulders and chest will be exposed when she moves. But it is believed she had taken the necessary precautions to prevent unwanted exposure.

While her fans cheered loudly at her boldness, the 30-year-old, who sported a shorts beneath the high-slit dress to show off her slender legs, went on to add that she is also not wearing any safety pants, cueing more camera flashes from photographers who were present.

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