Rainie Yang shows support for boyfriend Li Ronghao’s concert

The singer-actress refused to confirm if she would be attending his concert


Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang implicitly confirmed her relationship with Chinese singer Li Ronghao in early 2015, and it seems like their relationship is progressing well. Rainie, who originally tried to keep their relationship under wraps, is now openly sharing Ronghao’s posts on her own Weibo, showing their sweet relationship to the world.

On Tuesday, Ronghao posted a picture of him dressed casually and wearing a cap and glasses, with his head bowed. The singer’s white tee had the words “RONGHAO LI AN IDEAL WORLD TOUR CONCERT” on it, a teaser of sorts for his upcoming concert tour.

The 30-year-old also accompanied his picture with a caption of, “[Where is] everyone? All of you, come out,” jokingly commanding his fans to attend his upcoming concert in Beijing, China on May 20 and 21.

Shortly after, Rainie shared his post and added, “[Your] T-Shirt looks really nice”, leaving the Internet world abuzz with chatter about the couple’s sweet interaction online.


When Rainie made an appearance at a promotional event yesterday, the media asked the actress whether she would be attending Ronghao’s concert in Beijing. Rainie replied that she had work commitments on that day, but did not reveal if she would be in Beijing during that period. When the media persisted in asking her, Rainie avoided the topic by shouting, “[My] ears are ringing, [My] ears are ringing, don’t mention [this topic] anymore!” Judging from her reaction, however, it seems that chances of Rainie making another appearance at Ronghao’s concert are high.

Additionally, Rainie also said that if she were to get married, she would definitely let the media know, saying, “I’m a very open person. Regarding my dating matters, I’m still ok [in terms how much I choose to reveal publicly], but if I were to get married, I’d definitely let everyone know.”

Photo: PBE Media

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