Raymond Lam buys $5.07 million apartment for Karena Ng?

The couple was recently spotted on a shopping date at a luxury store

Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam reportedly bought a luxurious apartment worth HK$30 million (approximately S$5.07 million) for his girlfriend Karena Ng, as her 21st birthday present in October.

Last week, Karena was spotted having coffee alone at Pacific Place shopping mall in Admiralty, before Raymond hurriedly entered the café. After eating some sandwiches, the couple continued with their shopping date in the vicinity.

According to media reports, Raymond walked into a shop selling woodcraft while Karena appeared to be rather impatient as she played with her phone.

Although Raymond has clarified on numerous occasions that his girlfriend is not a materialistic person, Karena headed directly for a Burberry boutique while the actor was still browsing through the woodcraft store.  

Karena’s mood visibly improved as she tried on the designer clothes, even assembling outfits for her beau. When Raymond noticed the presence of reporters after stepping out of the shop, the 35-year-old put on his sunglasses and exited the scene while holding Karena’s hand. 

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