Raymond Lam signs contract with Emperor Entertainment Group

The actor will sign a three-year contract with one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong

After his contract with TVB ended in August, Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam, who had 15 years of cordial working relationship with the company, signed a three-year contract with one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG).

It is understood that there have been many companies, such as Huayi Brothers from China and Polybona Films, who were keen to sign him. But EEG sealed the deal by offering Raymond more than the HK$100million (approximately S$1.64million) offered by their competitors.

In a touching gesture, EEG’s chairman, Albert Yeung, even took time off to meet and persuade the 34-year-old to join them. Another reason behind Raymond’s decision is because his father felt EEG will bring his son’s career to greater heights.

However, Wu Yu, a member of EEG’s higher management did not reveal the final amount offered to Raymond, explaining it is a “trade secret”.

He added, “We have worked with Raymond for so many years and it was pleasant working on his previous four concerts. There is room to develop his career in the movie industry. We will work on that as well as his music and drama appearances. There will be a media conference held soon to witness the signing of the contract.”

The contract is believed to focus on his music and film developments in the next year, with plans for him to release a new album as the actor-singer has not done so in two years.

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