Rosamund Kwan still bitter about divorce from Pierre Chen

Actress takes to social media to vent her frustrations

Rosamund Kwan

Hong Kong actress Rosamund Kwan, 53, is still bitter about her divorce from Taiwanese billionaire businessman and art collector Pierre Chen and has been venting her frustrations on social media recently.

“People often think losing the one you love is the most painful,” she wrote. “But actually it’s most painful to love someone so much that you lose yourself and forget why you’re special.”

“What we regret most in life isn’t our mistakes but the thousands of things we do right for the wrong people.”

In a telling line, the actress compared certain people to dark clouds that led to brighter days once they disappeared.

Rosamund dropped the bomb in early November that she had married and divorced Pierre, thus ending their eight-year relationship, reportedly due to the latter’s reluctance to go public with their marriage.

The word on the street is that Pierre’s twin daughters by his ex-wife objected to his marrying Rosamund, and the actress had had enough of being a secret spouse.

Her friend Helen Ma, a Hong Kong entrepreneur, revealed that the actress had been planning for her wedding this spring. “But after so long, that man would still insist on hiding the people around him, and Rosamund saw through him so she cancelled the wedding,” Helen said.

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