Selina Jen and Richard Chang prove they are still a loving couple

The couple held hands and stuck close to each other at a recent company party

Taiwanese pop singer Selina Jen and her husband Richard Chang showed their love for each other on White Valentine’s Day (March 14), dispelling rumours of the couple being in a discord after Richard was seen at a KTV lounge with a young woman earlier this month.

After photos of Richard’s late night outing circulated online last week, Selina immediately defended her husband when she stated, “My husband would inform me of his schedule.” Her fans were worried that their marriage has taken a turn for the worse as she remained silent after the incident.

However, the couple proved that their marriage is still going strong when they held hands and attended the Chinese New Year dinner held by Selina’s company.

Richard, on the other hand, shared a photo of his wife via his Facebook yesterday, which was also White Valentine’s Day.

The 42-year-old claimed that he is not a romantic and did not care about celebrations of different festivals, but he made his first request of a Valentine’s Day gift from his wife this year.

Richard had thoughtfully planned for Selina to share her recovery journey at a burnt patients recovery centre after suffering third-degree burns while filming in China in 2010.

Speaking of their trip, Richard wrote in his post humbly, “I know that one word from her is better than a thousand words from me. We will continue to visit the centre regularly to care for the burnt patient.”

Netizens jested that the 42-year-old for being secretive and not having a photo with Selina. As he was only seen in a blue blazer in the background of the photo he posted, they repeatedly asked for a photo of him.

However, Richard replied comically, “I’m sure the paparazzi or media would have taken plenty photos of us.”

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