Selina Jen wants another wedding in 2021

The S.H.E member could not enjoy herself at her wedding in 2011 after suffering from severe burns from an explosion on-set

Selina Jen wants another wedding in 2021

S.H.E member Selina Jen was badly injured after an accidental explosion on-set while filming musical drama I Have a Date with Spring in 2010. She then wedded her husband, Richard Chang, in 2011 “without recovering fully”.

Selina was “unable to stand for long during the ceremony and the skin on my legs were hard and taut, I was not able to enjoy myself”. She also shared that their honeymoon to Bali last year was not as relaxing, as it was in the midst of Richard’s busy work schedule.

The 33-year-old hopes to hold another ceremony in 2021 – her 10th wedding anniversary – to make up for the loss.

The singer felt blessed that Richard, whom she had been dating for three years, did not forsake her after the incident and even told her he was “afraid to lose her”. The incident had strengthened their love and trust for each other.

The couple have plans to start a family after Selina completes her latest album at the end of the year.


In addition, Chinese actor Yu Haoming, who was also wounded in the explosion, remains psychologically scarred. He even reportedly confessed to “not having a sex life for four years since the explosion” after a bout of drinking even though he was seen in steamy scenes female co-star Sookie Pan in Chinese drama The Loving Home.

Haoming’s father was furious and accused the staff of the drama, whom the actor was drinking with, that they were “making up stories”.

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