Serina Liu gives birth to a girl via c-section

Dancer’s daughter born on husband’s lunar calendar birthday


Taiwanese ballroom dancer and artiste Serina Liu (or Liu Zhen), 40, gave birth to her daughter via caesarean section on February 5. She announced the news yesterday, and she’s recovering in a confinement centre now.

Her husband, Taiwanese musician Shin Lung, 43, said they did not confirm the baby’s gender before the delivery, and only after it was born did they know it was a girl.

Serina experienced contractions on February 5. Their first child, named Ni Ni, weighed 2.5 kg at birth.

Coincidentally, Shin Lung and Ni Ni were both born on the 27th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar.


Serina said yesterday, “Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I could tell my daughter has already started to compete for Shin Lung’s attention with me — she’s indeed his love from a past life.” She added that Shin Lung was absorbed with their daughter all the time.

Shin Lung said, “I’m so happy, now there are two beauties in our family. Serina had a smooth pregnancy.” He then said he would give his wife a generous red packet as a push present.

The new parents said they would try for a son next and want a second child as soon as possible.

The couple married in May 2014 and held their wedding the following month in Hawaii.

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