Shin to marry girlfriend in Europe next year

The Taiwanese singer revealed his wish to settle down 

Shin to marry girlfriend in Europe next year
At a press conference for his new album Whatever, I just believe in on Tuesday, Taiwanese singer Shin announced that he will be tying the knot with his girlfriend Wei Wei in Rome or Monte Carlo next year.

According to Shin, the couple’s finances are currently managed by Wei Wei. To give his wife-to-be a sense of security, the singer has registered four out of five properties that he purchased in Taipei under her name. Shin’s real estate assets are reportedly worth over NT$200 million (approximately S$8.68 million).

Among his new songs, ‘Wedding March’ depicts the conflicted feelings of a man who is about to give up his bachelor life. When asked if Wei Wei would be unhappy about the theme, Shin said that she does not think much of it as she understands that music is his work.

The 43-year-old is now ready to shed his “player” image and be a dutiful man. “When men have experienced many things, they would ask themselves if there’s any meaning in continuing such a frivolous lifestyle. From the heart, I want to settle down,” he shared.

In addition, Shin let on that his 14-year-old daughter Xiao Wan Zi, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend Zhang Yu Huang, is on close terms with Wei Wei. Previously, the doting dad even brought Xiao Wan Zi to Korea to watch her idols EXO in concert. 

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