Sonia Sui is attached

The actress announced the good news through a photo on social media

Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui finally ended her singlehood after her split from actor Yao Yuan Hao three years ago, when she announced yesterday that she is seeing someone new called Tony Chia.

The 34-year-old, who was in town last week to promote Jewellery Time 2014, uploaded a photo onto Facebook and Instagram with the caption: “I met… someone whom I want to bring joy to. Please give us some space, thank you!”

Yesterday, she was spotted having dimsum with a “friend”, Taiwanese singer Lai Pei-Hsia, her husband Chia Zhi Hong and their daughter Aggie Hsieh. When they exited, her “friend” walked beside her and journalists asked if he was her new beau.

Sonia smiled and answered, “I am happy right now,” while her manager rushed to say, “I hope to hear good news from her this year too.”

Aggie, the daughter of Pei-Hsia and her ex-husband, had uploaded family photos with Sonia onto Weibo between this April and July. Tony is Zhi Hong’s son from his previous marriage and it is believed that their relationship started as far as half a year ago.

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