Stefanie Sun’s son is musically talented

The songstress revealed that her son is particularly interested in guitars


Looks like local singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun may have passed on her musical genes to her son.

She recently shared that apart from knowing how to call for his parents, the one-year-old has picked up the word ‘guitar’. The mother-of-one added that he perks up with the word whenever he hears the sound of guitars being strummed, and that he is both interested and talented in music.

Stefanie, who has been busy on her 2014 Kepler World Tour, revealed that her son, who is “full of personality”, got so upset with her absence at home that he refused to speak to her.

The 36-year-old shared that she finds it difficult to find her work-life balance and is still working hard to manage her time. She mused, “I don’t think it’s possible to only focus on my career.”

In response to pictures of her queuing for fast food clad in t-shirt and shorts, the songstress laughed, “I think this is another kind of love fans have for me.”

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