Steve Chou suffers extreme weight loss of 20kg

The Taiwanese singer lost weight due to an infection in his stomach in recent years

周传雄暴瘦20公斤 藏13年空姐妻曝光1

Taiwanese singer Steve Chou (Zhou Chuan Xiong) revealed early this year that he has been suffering from bacterial infection in his stomach for the past two years, which has caused him to lose as much as 20 kilograms from his initial weight of 78 kilograms.

He was spotted on Monday at a supermarket with his wife, named Vivian, and it was the first time the couple were seen together in public since their marriage in 2011.

周传雄暴瘦20公斤 藏13年空姐妻曝光2

The 1.78-metre tall singer appeared significantly thinner with sunken cheeks. Fortunately, he has recovered from the illness and is said to be working hard on regaining his lost weight.

Steve, who has a son and a daughter with Vivian, has still been attending performances in China despite his illness. 

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