Takeshi Kaneshiro’s popularity remains sky-high

The Japanese actor and co-actors from his latest film The Crossing attended the movie premiere in Taipei

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Despite having not set foot in Taiwan for close to three years, Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro’s popularity remains sky-high as the heartthrob commanded close to 600 screaming fans at the premiere of his latest movie, The Crossing, in Taipei yesterday.

The last to take the stage among other co-actors like Chinese star Huang Xiaoming and Korean celebrity Song Hye Kyo, Takeshi greeted everyone in Taiwanese Hokkien, Japanese, and Chinese.

The 41-year-old actor shared, “My role in The Crossing is like a gift from the Heavens and I [was lucky to] get it at the last minute. Although I had to speak in three languages [Taiwanese Hokkien, Japanese and Chinese], I was familiar with them and could express myself well as a result.”

Praising the movie for its script, Takeshi even joked that he was envious of Xiaoming’s love-line with Hye Kyo in the show.

(L) Huang Xiaoming, (R) Song Hye Kyo

When asked if Xiaoming treated Takeshi as a rival in terms of popularity, the former laughed and called himself a fan of Takeshi’s. “I used to watch his dramas and movies. I even played the video game Onimusha [where he portrayed the samurai warrior].”

John Woo, director of the movie, was also full of praises for Takeshi. “He is very helpful and never hesitates to guide other actors, or even temporary actors. I told him if he aspires to be a director, I am willing to be his co-director.”

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