Tang Wei speculated to be pregnant for 5 months

The 35-year-old Chinese actress recently placed a booking for post-natal care services

Chinese actress Tang Wei is speculated to be five months pregnant after being revealed to have placed a booking for post-natal care services in Korea recently.

While the 35-year-old tied the knot with her Korean husband and film director Kim Tae-yong last August with a mysterious and low-profile wedding, she was constantly plagued with pregnancy rumours before and after marriage.

Not only did she raise eyebrows for turning down film offers, she was also speculated to be pregnant when spotted with a slight bulging belly last year.

Though fans were happy to learn about these rumours, Tang Wei repeatedly denied them.

However, netizens claimed that they spotted Tang Wei at a renowned post-natal care services centre in Gangnam a few days ago. She was said to have enquired about a booking for the centre’s services in July this year but left without making a booking.

Tang Wei’s spokesperson Anna spoke up against the pregnancy rumours. She clarified that Tang Wei had sought out medical services at a hospital in Seoul to treat her spine problems and emphasized that the venue was not a ‘post-natal care centre’.

Speaking about Tang Wei and Kim Tae-yong's plans on having children, Anna stated that the two would let nature take its course.

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